Peace Haven Baptist Church of Winston-Salem

Vocational Ministry Fellowships


Central Idea:          Peace Haven Baptist Church Ministry Fellowships are designed to nurture vocational discernment and ministry formation for WFU Divinity School students in a congregational setting.


Mission:                   The mission of Peace Haven Baptist Church is to be an inclusive fellowship offering a place to grow, to serve, and to experience the unconditional love of God.  Ministry fellowships provide a means of extending this mission through partnership with divinity school students who are seeking a congregational setting where they can learn ministry skills, grow in their wisdom, serve in various capacities, and experience God’s love through the life and ministry of a local faith community.


Rationale:                The formation of faith community leaders is enhanced through the immersion of divinity school students in the ministry and life of local faith settings.  Formation is a function of practical experience and discernment for ministry is an outcome of disciplined involvement in ministry.  Faith communities are environments in which divinity school students learn foundational skills while being cared for and nurtured as they move forward in their academic studies.  The future of healthy faith communities that can contribute to the transformation of communities requires the formation of healthy leaders who are willing to serve and equipped for service.


Program:                 Peace Haven Baptist Church of Winston-Salem envisions a total of four WFU divinity school students serving in part-time (10-12 hours/week) paid ministry roles.  Student ministers will work collaboratively and experience opportunities for ministry in every dimension of congregational life.  The goal is to engage students in a 2-4 year process of learning and leading.  The School of Divinity at Wake Forest University serves as a collaborative partner in this vocational program by providing expertise and ongoing engagement with both participating students as well as faith community leaders.


Funding:                  The cost of each ministry fellowship is $925 per month or $11,000 annually.  Peace Haven seeks institutional and individual partners who are committed to forming vocational ministers for the future. 


Support:                   Help us support this ministry.  Send your designated contribution to:

                                     PHBC, 3384 York Road, Winston-Salem NC 27106