Who Is the Gospel? 

           Jesus is the Gospel
         Jesus is Love
           Jesus is Life
           Jesus is Liberation
           Jesus is Light 
           Jesus is Forgiveness
Jesus is Freedom
Jesus is Hope
Jesus is Healing
Jesus is Grace
Jesus is Goodness
Jesus is Generosity 
Jesus is Peace
Jesus is Justice
Jesus is Compassion 
Jesus is Kindness
Jesus is Mercy
Jesus is Acceptance
Jesus is Affirmation
Jesus is Inclusion
Jesus is Beauty 
Jesus is Blessing
Jesus is Community 
Jesus is Redemption
Jesus is Renewal
Jesus is Reconciliation
Jesus is Revelation
Jesus is Resurrection
Jesus is Truth 
The gospel is good news about a Person:  Jesus of Nazareth
The gospel is news about a Person who is good:  Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus is God in the flesh
Jesus is God's salvation for all people
Jesus is salvation for all creation
Jesus is the good news 
Christians are Jesus people 
Embracing Jesus as Lord (highest authority)
Trusting Jesus as Savior
Following Jesus in Love
Serving Jesus through Obedience
Living for Jesus with Hope
Jesus is calling your name
Say Yes Today!
Join us in the adventure of following Jesus
All are welcome at Peace Haven Baptist Church of Winston-Salem:  an inclusive fellowship offering a place to worship, to grow, to serve, and to experience the unconditional love of God